Drakensberger—The Profit Breed

To become an inspector, the first step is to pass a course for learner-inspectors. Thereafter, the learner-inspector must complete 3 (three) inspection tours together with two other inspectors, and after each inspection tour the senior inspector must submit a positive report. The board can then promote the learner-inspector to junior inspector, after which another 3 (three) inspection tours must be completed in the company of two other inspectors. After each inspection tour, a positive report by the senior inspector must be submitted, after which the board may promote the junior inspector to senior inspector.

A refresher course for all inspectors is held annually during January/February. It is compulsory and only inspectors who attended the course, will serve on the panel of inspectors for that year. The year’s inspection tours are also set out here and inspectors appointed for the tours.

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The technical sub-committee focus on research and a scientific approach to improve our cattle and our understanding of scientific tools and the latest research to our disposal. A number of studies have been completes in the past few years and have been documented as articles and Masters dissertations. Some of these studies are listed below: