Drakensberger—The Profit Breed

When you attend an auction under the auspices of the South African Drakensbergers Breeders’ Association, you can be ascertained of the following:

  1. Animals are functionally efficient according to the Drakensberger breed standard of excellence. This is confirmed by the Patrons of the auction (at least two selectors of the Drakensberger breeders association.)
  2. A fertility certificate issued by a veterinarian or livestock technologist approved by the board, which specifies that the bull is fertile and in his/her opinion suited for breeding. The certificate must contain the ID number of the bull, the date of testing and must be signed by the person issuing the certificate. Bulls which have serviced cows, to be tested for Trichtomoniasis.
  3. In the case of female animals, the Brucellosis and Tuberculosis certificates must be available.
  4. the certificate confirming an animal’s gestational status, issued by the veterinarian, must be available.

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