Home grown Drakensberger beef at Local Grill for the month of March

What a special day!!!! Monday the 4th of March 2013, is a day I believe would be remembered for a long time. The Drakensberger Society made history by introducing Drakensberger meat at a Restaurant called, The Local Grill Parktown North,in Johannesburg. Because Drakensberger beef performed so well during the Ultimate beef challenge it was honored by the Local Grill, dedicating the month of March to Drakensberger beef.

Beef enthusiasts and breeders sat down at 12 o clock when Steve Maresh, the owner of Local Grill, opened the day by welcoming everybody. He brought across the message from "field to fork" which captured the attention of the crowd. After eating Drakensberger ribblets as a starter Willie Landman, representing the Drakensberger society, gave a brief background history of our beloved cattle. A task which I believe he did with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm and gained many a friend for our breed.

Present at this function was, Weber, Deli spice, Rib shack Red, and Karan Beef. The established food magazine called Food and Home were present as well as a writer from the Sunday Times Newspaper.

Jodee-Ann Pearton, who has received South African colors for cheffing and also took the title of South African Chef of the Year, 3 years consecutively was full of praise for our product, Drakensberger beef.

The day was ended with the hanging of a glass logo which has a proud position in the restaurant for all to see.

Thank you to Gert Du Preez for supplying the meat. Your product did us proud.



Click here for the background of the Drakensberger (PDF)