Drakensberger Commemorative Journal

The Drakensberger breeders association celebrated its 65th year with the release of a commemorative journal at the annual dine and general meeting. At the dine the new commemorative journal was handed to the re-elected president , dr. Johann Fourie, by Carel Nel. With a proven history of more than 360 years several milestones are highlighted in the journal of the Drakensberger's journey which include the first sighting and write up by Vasco da Gama of black oxen, Simon van der Stel's improvement of the breed, the "groot trek", the initiation of the breeders association in 1947 and compulsory performance testing for all breeders since 1980. One of the oldest Drakensberger breeder families wrote in the journal: They who does not revere the past